Top Eugene Workers Compensation Attorneys

Jon Correll
Jon is an Oregon Workers' Compensation Lawyer and Social Security Disability attorney serving all of the State of Oregon, centrally located in Eugene. We will do our best to make things less stressful for you...
Location : 132 E Broadway Ste. 212, Eugene, OR 97401
Phone : (541) 485-8858

Andrea K. Knight, Attorney at Law, LLC
Andrea Knight is an experienced Eugene attorney who represents injured and disabled Oregon workers regarding Workers' Compensation, Social Security Disability, PERS Disability, Unemployment, and more.
Location : 2440 Willamette St #101e, Eugene, OR 97405
Phone : (541) 246-8990

Cary, Wing & Edmunson
Cary, Wing & Edmunson is one of Oregon's leading law firms emphasizing personal injury, workers' compensation, and social security disability claims. We focus on serious injuries and give each case the attention that it requires and that our client deserves.
Location : 1600 Executive Parkway #340, Eugene, OR 97401
Phone : (541) 485-0203

Bell Law Offices, PC
Bell Law Offices, PC specializes in workers compensation, social security disability, bankruptcy, and personal injury. This firm offers experience, knowledge, skill, and dedication to each case.
Location : 2440 Willamette Street #101A, Eugene, OR 97405
Phone : (541) 636-4930

Moore Jensen & Lesh
Established in 1982, Moore Jensen & Lesh is considered to be a well-established and leading law firm in the matters of Oregon Workers Compensation Claims and Oregon Social Security claims. With three Oregon law firms throughout the state, we have successfully litigated Social Security cases and workers' compensation cases in every county in Oregon.
Location : 678 Country Club Road, Eugene, OR 97401
Phone : (541) 484-7022